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Alberta Food Connect

AB Food Connect is an online industry resource dedicated to connecting food and beverage producers with co-packing partners throughout the province of Alberta.

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AB Food Connect brings Alberta’s food and beverage suppliers together with co-packers and commissary kitchens from across the province. This free online portal allows businesses to save time and money while ensuring quality production and packaging of their products.

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What is

Co-packing, co-manufacturing, toll processing, co-packing or contract packaging all refers to a business arrangement in which an established company processes and/or packages products according to a client’s specifications for the other company to sell.

Why Hire a

Companies that lack the resources, expertise, or facilities in-house may look to a co-packer to support them in getting their product to market. Larger companies may choose to outsource operations to improve efficiency and save on labor costs. Co-packing can help save time and money, improve product quality, and accelerate their time to market.

What is a
Commissary Kitchen?

A commissary kitchen or a ‘ghost kitchen’ is a licensed commercial kitchen that is shared by multiple food producers who require a certified kitchen to prepare and store their food products. They are fully equipped for food preparation, storage, and cleaning. They normally provide all the equipment that the renter requires.

Why Use a
Commissary Kitchen?

Flexible, cost-effective, and convenient.

What is the AB Co-Pack Advantage?

Here are just a few advantages to hiring a co-packer:

Cost Savings

Co-packers often have more advanced equipment, better access to supplies, and more efficient processes, all of which allow them to produce products at a lower cost.


Co-packing allows businesses to scale up or down their production quickly and efficiently.

Quality Control

Co-packing companies can typically ensure a high level of quality control and consistency in product packaging.

Access to Specialized Equipment

Co-packers have access to specialized equipment that may be too costly for businesses to purchase and maintain in-house.

Faster Time to Market

Hiring a co-packer allows you to get your products to market faster.

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AB Food Connect is made possible by the generous contributions of our industry partners.
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